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“I had to go stay with my son for several months because I couldn’t breathe in the house.  Since you came and did the mold work, I haven’t had any problems at all.” - Norm

Mold grows as the result of excess moisture in the air and on biological, porous surfaces. Mold can grow in many different environments and serves a useful purpose in nature. However, having it in your home, vehicle, or business can be very upsetting. We are IICRC certified for microbial remediation and black mold testing and mold removal team. We take great care to contain the issue, with professional mold removal and prevent settled spores from spreading, remove surface mold, remove damaged porous mold materials, and to kill the mold hyphae so it doesn’t continue to produce spores. Our team is highly competent, well trained, and will work to minimize the risks that mold can pose.

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Cline Cleaning and Restorations serves western Pennsylvania and northeast Ohio, we are available to you 24 hours a day. We provide you with mold removal, water damage, structure drying, HVAC, air duct cleaning, and COVID-19 Coronavirus services for residential, commercial buildings, schools, classrooms, restaurants, kitchens, fitness centers, automobiles and more. 

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